Garth Brooks' Autograph

Garth Brooks Autograph

Garth Brooks'Autograph

Garth Brooks' Autograph is being sold on Internet Auctions everyday. My experience with Garth's Autograph goes back to pre-1989, when he just signed with Liberty Records. I wrote a personal letter to his manager, Bob Doyle, in Nashville, TN and ask for a "Personalized" autograph from Garth. Shortly, The large brown envelope arrived with my autograph on a black/white 8x10 Publicity Photo from Liberty Records and I was as happy as a kid with a new toy car. So over the years, I have bought and sold Garth's Photos autographed and prided myself as an expert in his autograph. Unlike many country artist Garth does not drink, so there are no deviations in his autograph for the most part. Sometimes he gives an autograph while he is in a hurry an it is a bit more rushed but the letters are basically the same.
With the migration of Howard Stern to Satellite Radio in January/2006 and his topics and guests ranging from music, movies to STD testing Houston centers, many photos have been released of the new studio that he will have for his radio show.
The Management of the Satellite Company set aside a wall for Famous Music Artist that visit. A special place had been set aside for Garth's Autograph (since he has sold over 100 million CD's). Well, the plan was ruined when some Less famous singer signed in Garth's reserved area and even drew a cat. So, when Garth came in for an interview touting his New Walmart Exclusive Box set, Garth being a humble person got on his knees and signed an area near the floor.
The photo of the autograph was very clear and is his typical autograph. So, I decided to set up this site, so anyone that is searching the internet for a real autograph to compare with the one they are fixing to buy. With my experience with Garth's Autograph for 16 years and this photo maybe even a novice can see that it is Garth's Real Signature. Now all you have to do is make sure the autograph is original and "NOT A Copy of an Original Autograph". Really that is pretty easy to tell with the autograph in your hands to see if it is part of the photo or added to the top of the photo finish. Good Luck and if you should ever want my opinion(for what it is worth), email me and point me to the autograph and I will give you an Honest opinion! Hope this helps someone from being defrauded. By the way it should be noted that the Largest Auction site on the Internet does have phonies and when the company is notified they take no action and yes even the "phonies" come with a "Certificate of Authenticity", since they are normally not worth the paper they are printed on and anyone on their home PC can make one.
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